martedì 28 maggio 2013

Super #1 Robot, japanes robot toys 1972-1982

TITOLO: Super #1 Robot, japanes robot toys 1972-1982
AUTORE: Tim Brisko
CASA EDITRICE: Chronicle Book
COSTO: 22,60 €
ANNO: 2005
FORMATO: 18 cm X 14 cm
REPERIBILITA': Reperibile su internet
CODICE ISBN: 9780811846073

Questo è un libro fotografico di robot giocattolo (vedi titolo), la casa editrice è statunitense, non ci sono commenti alle foto.
Riporto il commento originale al libro:
Shogun Warriors. Godaikin. Micronauts. They came in their legions, leaping straight from Japanese TV sets onto toy shelves. Shiny, outrageously colorful, sporting spring-powered missiles and "rocket punches"—they were unlike anything seen before. Super #1 Robot showcases these unique action figures created during the heyday of Japanese robot toys, 1972 to 1982. From Popy's classic "Chogokin" Mazinger Z to Takatoku's Valkyrie (the first seamlessly transforming toy), these are the pinnacle of modern Japanese robot toys, and transformed not only themselves, but also today's toy culture.

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